Adrian Mateos and Sergio Aido to make Cyprus Legends debut in 2023

Adrian Mateos and Sergio Aido to make Cyprus Legen...

Adrian Mateos

Yesterday we proposed a daily schedule as a track Sergio Aido streamed the GGPoker Super Million$ to live poker in the first event of the Triton Poker Series Cyprus 2023.

The race announced at the time had about 60 players, and at the usual buyback rate, about a hundred records would have been done, not to mention a fantastic version of the same race at the Merit Royal last September .

We would be wise to warn that not as many players as Adrian Mateos have disclosed their intentions to attend the festival, and have even signed up for another event at the festival, namely Luxon Pay Invitational.

The reality is that most of the absentees show up at the end, and the pace of re-entry is not as fast as at previous festivals like Madrid, Cyprus or Vietnam Fewer, the result was a 158-player spectacle that heralds similar results to Triton’s first successful visit to Vietnam, which forms the framework for comparisons now made with others on the tour.

The influx of players resulted in a shortened early cadence of the tour, played from Day 1 to the final table and coinciding with the start of new events on Day 2.

Period 15 is not planning to rank high enough to reach the bonus bubble, so it is uncertain which players will be able to earn bonuses in the opening tournament. Available prizes are 23 known, and there are 29 possible candidates for these prizes.

Luckily our representative , Sergio Aido who was seated and Adrian Mateos who joined a bit later all ended Day 1 with chips. Their tentative position secures them a place in the money, but they are about to lose it and will be thrown straight into the bubble.

We will be able to see how the Spaniard fights against blowing the bubble.

We will both ensure that Sergio and Adrian earn at least $45,800, but once the minimum goal is reached, there will be an illusion that they are first , for $918,000.

Event #2 NLHE 7-Max $20,000 entry awaits them whenever they run low on chips, and sure enough, it got a lot of attention at the end of the show as well.

Adrian Mateos and Sergio Aido to make Cyprus Legen...

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  • This text appears to be a report or update on the progress of the Triton Poker Series Cyprus 2023. It mentions the participation of Adrian Mateos and Sergio Aido, and discusses the number of players, re-entry rates, and potential earnings at the tournament.

  • This text is a report on the Triton Poker Series Cyprus 2023, highlighting the participation of players like Adrian Mateos and Sergio Aido. It mentions the number of players, the pace of re-entry, and the potential earnings for the players. Overall, it provides information about the event and the performance of the mentioned players.

  • The text provides an update on the Triton Poker Series Cyprus 2023 event, mentioning the number of players and the pace of re-entry. It also highlights the performance and potential earnings of Adrian Mateos and Sergio Aido in the tournament.

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