EPT Paris, Day 5: Juan Pardo leads €50,000 Super High Roller, Omar del Pino leads €2,000 FPS HR

EPT Paris, Day 5: Juan Pardo leads €50,000 Super H...

Juan Pardo donned a Triton Collection sweatshirt as he topped the field of 51 players in the €50,000 Super High Roller Event on the EPT Paris schedule.

  1. Juan Pardo 919,000
  2. Duco ten Haven 897,000
  3. Niklas Astedt 810,000
  4. Sirzat Hissou 771,000
  5. Sirzat Hissou 771,000
  6. Kayhan Mokri 686,000

As always, the relevance of this preview of results is relative due to the structure of these high rollers Taking into account long delays and low registrations there are still31 candidatesin the running, with more to follow.

The complication is that Juan will meet other Spaniards at the card table. Adrian Mateos is no longer able to return to work, and Sergi Reixach has other plans.

❌ 2k human resources first-person perspective ❌ 2k HR FPS❌ 2K HR FPS

EPT tomorrow 🍿 🍿 🍿 🍿 pic.twitter.com/tpboNfXRnE

— Sergi Reixach (@srxakgirona) February 18, 2024

2K € HR French Poker Series

What a great day it would be if all first places were taken in spades, but that’s not the case.

FPS High Roller Tournament

There is only one day left, and behind him he can boast a Spanish leader, Omar Del Pino.

A clarification would not be superfluous. In this case the event has a higher prize money than the Super HR, with a prize of €50,000. Here, of the1,794 registrations that were officially registered during the two flights, a higher proportion (twice as many as last year) were canceled and only268 players remained in the championship, they are all in the bonus.

Omar is being harassed by players like Fabiano Kovalski or Lukas Hafner, and beyond that there are Maria Konnikova, Jesse Lonis, Farid Jattin, Parker Talbot or Aliaksei Bolka.

The ESPT Sevilla champion won’t be alone against so many sharks. La Roja has added nine new prize pools at this EPT Paris, bringing the total prize pool to €3,444,480.

  • Omar del Pino 928,000
  • Gerard Rubiralta 404,000
  • Leo Margets 211,000
  • José Luis Plaza 148,000
  • Marta Mikel 143,000
  • Guillermo Gordo 140,000
  • Xavier Cortázar 124,000
  • Daniel Barriocanal 86,000
  • Jaume Niell 66,000

EPT Paris, Day 5: Juan Pardo leads €50,000 Super H...

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  • The text is providing updates on the results of high-stakes poker tournaments in EPT Paris, with a focus on Spanish players like Juan Pardo and Omar del Pino. It also mentions the significant prize pools and competition faced by the players.

  • The text discusses the results of poker tournaments in EPT Paris, with Juan Pardo emerging as the top player in the Super High Roller Event. It also mentions other Spanish players like Omar Del Pino and Adrian Mateos, highlighting the intense competition and high prize pools in the event.

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