Henrique Zanetti and Geraldo César reach FT in WSOP Online Event 3

Henrique Zanetti and Geraldo César reach FT in WSO...

Less than 24 hours after Vinícius Steves’ win, Brazil is back in contention for the WSOP Online Championship. In Event 3: The $2,100 NL Hold’em Bounty Tournament, Geraldo César spent just over an hour in the playoff. He earned $28,964 for his elimination in the 8-man event. Meanwhile, Henrique Zanetti finished sixth, earning $26,502.

Diego Brombim also played on the final day of play. In a blind match, he pushed his 20 BBS stack to the middle of the table and was called by the big guy with a smaller stack and A♠Q. The “Kunkinho” account’s pilot, dominated by A♣7♠, could not find his out on a J♥3♠10♥J♣6♠ board, leaving only 1 big blind. Three moves later, Diego dropped to eleventh. The young miller won a total of $17,976.

The Financial Times was soon established. Henrique is at the bottom of the rankings with 23 BBS, but the man from Paraná has never been intimidated. After drawing a few pots, he left several opponents behind, including Geraldo.

The first Brazilian to lose all his chips soon encountered a pair of kings. Geraldo showed A♠10♣ and announced a 3-bet straight from the trumpet with 18 BBS. Big Zendik didn’t think twice before going all-in. After the first attacker dropped his card, Tsang revealed K Ф K ♥. The 6◆3◆J◆6♥J♥ card hit no one and Geraldo fell to the side of the road.

At the same level, Henrique also withdrew from the competition for the gold bracelet. As a farewell, he went all-in 10 times and saw a big call from Pedro Miguel de Oliveira. With J♠8♦ against A♥Q♥, Henrique had no chance on the 6♣4♣4♥K♠9♦ board.

With 617 participants registered in Event 3, GGPoker gave away $1,354,000 in event 3. Check out the prize money received by each finalist:

1. Sergei Koliakov ( Russia) $158,345

2. Tsang Dicky (Hong Kong) $85,188

3. Pedro Miguel de Oliveira (Portugal) $67,190

4. Artem Sadovsky (Serbia) $60,092

5. Ilya Streltsov (Serbia) $40,873

6. Henrique Zanetti (Brazil) $26,502

7. Toni Kaukua (Finland) $42,041

8. Geraldo César (Brazil) $28,964

9. Bert Stevens (Belgium) $21,788

Henrique Zanetti and Geraldo César reach FT in WSO...

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  • This text provides an overview of the recent results from the WSOP Online Championship, highlighting the performances of Brazilian players Geraldo César and Henrique Zanetti. It also mentions the prize money received by each finalist in Event 3.

  • This text provides a summary of the results of the WSOP Online Championship, highlighting the performance of Brazilian players. It mentions the earnings and rankings of the Brazilian participants, as well as the overall prize money given away in the event.

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