I wish SCOOP had Battle Royale (Juanki) and Bounty Builder (you) on Pokerstars.com

Lander Lijo

The Pokerstars.com The Spring Championship of Online Poker hasn’t produced any notable results over the past few days, so some of our top players have been looking for other ways to cheer on their game.

Juanki Vecino failed to complete his multiple deep matches on this particular festival, showing he hasn’t forgotten about being in the $1,050 HR Battle Royale heads-up. $16,436.

Lander Lijo , who occasionally tasted the sweetness of COOP, had to turn his attention to trying to beat the Brazilian Legion that was waiting for him because of the Mini Bounty Builder HR $55.

The Tournament, theoretically the little brother of BB HR 530 $, usually outperforms its edge. Yesterday was no exception. Rand had to beat 3,530 opponents, much to the dismay of the entire Carioca community, who barely had enough to win six of the final 11 players in the tournament. They end the party as “tamaguchi333” avenges his teammate in a heads-up fight and earns a bounty from “tua133” (2nd, $14,987) .

The immediate impact of SCOOP is not evident in this schedule, but there is hope that the bowl game will be rescheduled for the multiple Day 2s we have booked.


Miguel Riera‘s track returns tonight with another new Day 2, this time in the rearview mirror of “Granter7777,” the The only high-level tournament against the Spaniard came on his second day.

SCOOP 21-M 7-Max $320 (33 of 966 players): No. 8 “viejojuan“; 15. “Turko_man“; 25. “B4NKR0LL3R“, top prize $47,000.

SCOOP 23-L PKO $55 (151 of 5,157 players): 16. “Pastexcel“; 173. “davaman“, over $15,000 in bounties.

SCOOP 23-M PKO $215 (127 of 1,630 players): 30. ” JBAG28” for a top prize of $21,000.

SCOOP 23-H PKO $1,050 (39 of 323 players): 14. “ Granter7777 “; 28. “ Gandalf MR“, with a maximum bounty of $26,000.

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  • This text seems to be discussing the recent results and experiences of some poker players in the Spring Championship of Online Poker. It mentions specific players, their earnings, and tournaments they participated in.

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