Illegal betting: Max Alves, Brazilian players charged with illegal betting

Reports from Brazil – the birthplace of Alves – suggest that the Rapids midfielder was part of a group that took bribes to fix the outcome . It even added that Alves tried to recruit Houston Dynamo player Zeka into the scheme, and MLS said it would investigate the allegations, but did not name those involved.

The MLS statement on Twitter reported: “The MLS is aware of reports that a current and former player is involved in illegal sports betting. The integrity of the game is of the utmost importance to the league. Importantly, MLS takes these allegations, and any breach of the league’s integrity rules, seriously. The current player has been removed from team activities pending an investigation into the matter, which will begin immediately.

The Rapids Added the statement himself: “We are aware of reports that a Colorado Rapids player has been involved in illegal sports betting. We take matters of this nature seriously and strive to protect the integrity of the game at all times. The player has been banned from participating All team activities, while MLS is investigating the matter.

Alves has not yet been charged criminally, but 16 people have been charged by public ministry authorities in the state of Goiás, Brazil. There are seven players. Brazilian news agency O Globo claims that Alves was paid BRL 45,000 for a yellow card against Los Angeles Galaxy in September 2022 and that he received a yellow card during that match. He was booked within 60 seconds of coming off the bench in the second half

Alves joined the Rapids in January 2022 and is said to have made around $12,000 from the bet.

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  • This text raises serious concerns about the involvement of Max Alves, a player for the Colorado Rapids in the MLS, in illegal sports betting and match fixing. The allegations and investigations suggest that he was part of a group that took bribes to manipulate game outcomes, which threatens the integrity of the league.

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    This text discusses allegations of illegal sports betting involving Colorado Rapids player Max Alves and the MLS league. The league and team have taken these allegations seriously and suspended the player pending an investigation, while criminal charges have been brought against 16 individuals in Brazil related to this matter.

  • This text highlights the alleged involvement of Colorado Rapids player Max Alves in illegal sports betting. MLS and the Rapids have taken the matter seriously, suspending Alves and conducting investigations. It also mentions charges against other individuals in Brazil and specific incidents where Alves received payment for receiving a yellow card in a match.

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