KSOP: Bruno Vargas is Deepstack KO Champion

KSOP GGPoker Premium: Bruno Vargas Wins First Live...

The last game that ended Thursday (early Friday morning) was a deep stack KO. It was there that Insight Poker Team pro Bruno Vargas won his first major live event, going into the tiebreaker with several players on the team.

Bruno won the deepstacked KO title after beating himself and enforced a field with 184 entries. For his outstanding performance, the player was awarded the first-place trophy and R$ 37,800, which already included his winnings on the way to gold. Bruno, a resident of Bagé-RS away from home, feels it was all worth it and is very happy with the result:

“Dude… overjoyed. Really happy with the win. Yes.” It was a lot of hard work. I studied for a long time and played a lot. It was great to come all the way here and win within the first few days. People can follow a winning streak very calmly, so I’m “really happy,” the champ said.

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Bruno Vargas arrives in Rio for KSOP GGPoker Premium There are other nuances. His current team, Insight, hosted a famous player party in City of Wonders the day before the event. There, he met and interacted with several friends who traveled side by side. This gave him extra motivation to attend the event.

Also, Bruno Vargas deserves it. He said: “I’m here because of the conference, but also because of the desire to play live. I won an internal Insight competition, my team won and I ended up being the best player in the competition. I won free travel, which is even cooler ,” Bruno said.

In a deep-stacked KO final table, Bruno started out as the chip leader and stayed that way for a long time. Due to the tight structure, he even loses his position at times, but recovers quickly. He had the support of a few friends, and eventually the Insight team went well.

He recalled some strategies: “The game was very tight and there wasn’t much room to bet further.”, There wasn’t really much room. So it’s decided pre-flop, you go all out, wait for the right moment, and then,” Bruno said.

Bruno had the most chips in the tournament, and when it went three-handed , the game was finally over. A triple all-in made the difference. After Renan Pezette pushed all-in with 2 blinds, he saw Cassio Pansolin call and he was done. The flop eventually gave Bruno a flush The draw, Cassio for top pair, so they moved all-in as well.

In the end, Bruno Vargas made a straight flush and was rewarded by tournament winner Freude. His friends. He also walked away happy:” I live far from everything, my city is in the far south, so far away from everything. But I always try to play at least one big live event a year. This is me and my first grade. “I’m really happy,” he added.

Check out the final table prize pool:

1. – Bruno Vargas – 37,800 Rays Yar2nd Prize – Cassio Pansolin – R$25,0003rd place – Renan Pezzette – R$18,0004th place – Bruno Armando – R$12,2505th place – Carlos Enrique – R$9,8506th place – Nicolas Velarde – R$7,8507th place – Jorge Nazarett – R$6,250Eighth place – Serafim Alberto – 5,000 reals9. – Elias Neto – R$ 4,100

KSOP GGPoker Premium: Bruno Vargas Wins First Live...

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  • This text describes Bruno Vargas winning a major live poker event and his journey to the victory. He expresses his happiness and gratitude for the opportunity. The text also mentions his team and the party they hosted, adding to Bruno’s motivation for participating in the event.

  • This text describes Bruno Vargas winning his first major live poker event, a deep stack KO tournament. He was awarded the first-place trophy and R$ 37,800 for his outstanding performance. Bruno is thrilled with the win and expresses gratitude for the opportunity to play live events.

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