KSOP GGPoker On: Stars Win Tournament On Day 6

Henrique Cruz, Sebastian Fonseca, Pedro Costa and...

KSOP GGPoker Online continues at the tables of the world’s largest poker site, with several regulars claiming big prizes. On Thursday (08), players Henrique Cruz, Sebastian Fonseca, Pedro Costa and Bruno Ramos emerged as the winners.

First place in Event #19 ($200 PKO High Roller) out of 35 entrants was Henrique Cruz, “Beckan420”, the winner and $2,035. Marllon Pinto “Salvinho23” (2nd – $1,297) and Eduardo Rios (3rd – $936) took the podium.

In Event 20 ($50 PLO Show), Colombia’s Sebastian Fonseca defeated 53 entrants to finish second. He pocketed $759. The trio was Blaise Bourgeois (2nd – $260) and “Robinhood220” (3rd – $396).

In Race 18 of the $50 Texas Music Festival, with 49 entrants, Pedro Costa’s “AKgringoAK” (2nd – $480) and Blaise Bourgeois (3rd – $366) also performed well.

In the end, the title goes to the defending champion of Event #21 ($25 NLH Hyper). Bruno Ramos, owner is a two-year-old KSOP GGPoker champion. “B_Z_R” beat 74 opponents to win $482. “Mr Gums” (2nd – $348) and “dukas18” (3rd – $252) took the podium.

Henrique Cruz, Sebastian Fonseca, Pedro Costa and...

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  • This text reports on the recent successes of several players in the KSOP GGPoker Online poker tournament, highlighting their winnings and rankings in various events. The text provides a brief overview of the outcomes and the prize amounts earned by each player.

  • This text provides a brief summary of the recent winners in various events of the KSOP GGPoker Online tournament. It showcases the success of players such as Henrique Cruz, Sebastian Fonseca, Pedro Costa, and Bruno Ramos in different poker games, with details of their rankings and prizes won.

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