LAPT Panama: Daniel Hovinga leaves Turbo KO in Costa Rica

LAPT Panama: Daniel Hovinga leaves Turbo KO in Cos...

Daniel Hovenga, the grinder from Costa Rica, proved his stamina by winning the Champion Spades at the Latin American Poker Tour (LAPT) in Panama. Despite failing to secure a seat in the main draw, Hovinga did not give up and took part in a thrilling Turbo KO that saw a field of 65 entrants. Hovenga won by Turbo KO for $4,150, including the knockout bonus.

Final table.

“This is my first LAPT. I feel great and I can’t believe this win,” shared the champ excitedly. “That moment, with my friends, was a very memorable moment.”

Hovenga was among the chip leaders at the final table and had a solid chip showing throughout the FT Management ability, allowing HU to take a narrow lead over opponent José Heraldo. The Brazilian made a strong start in the duel, and Huovinga was able to maintain concentration and stamina.

The decisive point is In a hand that almost decided the matchup, they were tied. The finalists went all-in pre-flop 88 vs. Hovengas AJ Despite hitting top pair on the flop, the Costa Rican found himself in a challenging position. position because his opponent finished the set and only gave him a 1.58% chance of winning.

However, when the jack came on the turn, fate smiled on Hovenga, giving him a few outs to improve his hand. A 5 on the river and another 5 on the flop created a full house for the Costa Rican and he took a solid lead. On the next hand, the two finalists went all-in again pre-flop and the match was sealed.

Hovenga dedicated his win emotionally to his mother, who believed in and supported him throughout his poker career.

Event #07: NHL Turbo KOPurchase price: $400Number of submissions: 65


1. 1st Place: Daniel Hovenga – $4,1502nd Place: José Heraldo – $2,3503rd Place: Jaime Newel – $1,530Fourth Place: Mario Torraza – $1,150Fifth place: Cutberto Minor – $9006th Place: Christian Hospina – $700Seventh Place: Miguel Jimenez – $550Eighth place: Kelvin Cordona – $430Ninth place: José Padín – $330

LAPT Panama: Daniel Hovinga leaves Turbo KO in Cos...

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  • This text tells the story of Daniel Hovenga, a grinder from Costa Rica, who showed his stamina and determination by winning the Champion Spades at the LAPT in Panama. Despite not initially qualifying for the main draw, Hovenga participated in a Turbo KO and ultimately emerged as the champion, dedicating his emotional win to his supportive mother.

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    This text describes Daniel Hovenga’s victory in the Champion Spades at the Latin American Poker Tour. Despite not initially securing a seat in the main draw, Hovenga’s perseverance and skill allowed him to win the Turbo KO event and take home a prize of $4,150.

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