MLB stadium possibly close to WSOP

MLB stadium possibly close to WSOP

If the river rings, it’s because it brings rocks, as the saying goes, the MLB team Oakland Athletics seems to have come true , will be moved to Las Vegas.

Multiple media outlets have repeated this news for several months, but it remains unclear where the stadium will be built, and the location has sparked speculation and some cross-information.

First the Rio All-Suite Hotel & Casino will be demolished to make way for a new stadium, but now it has been announced that Bally’s Corp A Tropicana room will be available, a short distance from Horseshoe Las Vegas.

The investment is reported to be approximately $1.5 billion. The stadium will have a 35,000 seat, feature a sliding roof and, as part of the deal, a 1,500-room hotel will be built around it It is an old resort opened in 1957.

Some residents of the area expressed concern about the impact this infrastructure development might have on traffic congestion, and a new possibility is that a street plan is also in the works .

We learned today that the @Athletics have reached an agreement to build a 35,000 seat retractable roof stadium on the grounds of @TropLV Wenn if the deal is approved , the Rat Pack era resort will be demolished

Photo via @JeffScheid @TheNVIndy

— Howard Stutz (@ howardstutz) May 10, 2023

“We learned today that @Athletics has signed a contract to build 35,000 seats.” – Roof @TropLV Stadium on the site. If the deal is approved, the Rat Pack-era resort will be dismantled. “

MLB stadium possibly close to WSOP

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  • This text suggests that the MLB team Oakland Athletics may be moving to Las Vegas, with plans for a new stadium to be built. However, there is still uncertainty about the exact location and some concerns raised by residents about potential traffic congestion.

  • This text discusses the potential relocation of the MLB team Oakland Athletics to Las Vegas, with multiple media outlets reporting on the news for several months. The proposed stadium is estimated to cost around $1.5 billion and will include a 35,000-seat capacity and a sliding roof, with a 1,500-room hotel built around it. Some residents have expressed concerns about traffic congestion, and there are plans for a new street layout.

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