Online gambling and gaming has its own laws in Santa Fe

Online gambling and gaming has its own laws in San...

Although Santa Fe allows online gambling. Three companies operating in the province are operating in the province, thanks to a decree three years ago that since the new government took office has aimed to create a law regulating the activitythat has been passed by the provincial legislature. Casino areas (Downtown Rosario, Casino Santa Fe, and Melincué Casino & Resort) are already legally authorized to use online gambling and now add another option: sports betting.

The virtual format isthanks to Decree No. 1451 signed by former Governor Omar Perotti on November 20, 2020<It was allowed during the pandemic and after casinos complained that in-person operations were banned. The governor explained that there was no need for an overarching instrument as it was simply a matter of adding a version of gambling to the existing legal authorization.

But suspicion remains as prosecutors investigate illegal gambling. , which uncovered various legal and political collusions. In fact, it ended with the arrest of then-Rosario District Attorney Patricio Serjal and his subordinate Gustavo Ponce Asahad One was an organizer and the other was a member of an organization covering up an illegal bribery business. The case began with the arrest of clandestine gambling entrepreneur Leonardo Peiti, who failed to successfully maintain a legitimate business and then became a co-defendant, including San Lorenzo provincial senator Armando Peiti Armando Traferri. Re-elected in this year’s election.

The Legislature complained because the statute was considered irregular and unconstitutional. At that time, Maximiliano Pullaro, then a member of Congress, and Fabián Bastia, now governor and government minister, filed a complaint against the governor lawsuit, but now that lawsuit has lost its meaning because finally online gambling is governed by the law

The law that now ends interference was proposed in the House of Representatives by Marcelo González, an activist from the Department of Evolution , and received the support of Bastia. The bill was quickly passed by a majority in late November and had the support of then-elected Governor Praro. Last Thursday, the upper house unanimously approved the bill, with the support of the Peronist bloc, which is now in the minority. What are the online gambling laws in Santa Fe?

The new law increases the fees mandated by Perotti’s executive order from 12 percent to “at least” 15 percent of the total bonus, allowing the executive branch to increase fees without the Legislature requiring an increase. Half of the money collected must be used to fund activities to prevent and raise awareness of gambling addiction.

The law also provides for some form of compensation to be provided to the authorities, with part of the benefits to be attributed to the authorities for the loss of revenue caused by advances in virtual technology as a support for gambling.

For legal reasons, online gambling is limited to continuously valid licenses from economic groups already operating, namely Boldt and City Center companies. Regarding sports betting, the law provides for a new tendering process for these concessions. But in the meantime, the administration is allowing the Santa Fe Lottery to develop its own gaming platform if it deems it necessary.

Online gambling and gaming has its own laws in San...

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    This text discusses the legalization of online gambling and sports betting in Santa Fe, Argentina. It highlights the involvement of various companies and the investigation of illegal gambling activities. The new law increases fees and mandates funding for gambling addiction prevention, while also allowing the Santa Fe Lottery to develop its own gaming platform if needed.

  • This text discusses the legalization of online gambling and sports betting in the province of Santa Fe, Argentina. While the new law aims to regulate the activity and increase fees, there are concerns about illegal gambling and political collusion. The legislation allows existing operators to offer online gambling, but a new tendering process is being considered for sports betting concessions.

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