Rodrigo Seiji writes flush in FT Titans tournament bubble

Rodrigo Seiji Suffers Bad Cold, But Recovers with...

Rodrigo Seiji had a great Sunday at PokerStars. The Brazilian ace, who has reached the final table twice, was one of the highlights of the day and even had some exciting moments during the weekend’s big wins – and I mean big wins.

In two consecutive hands, Rodrigo went from hell to heaven. The first came during the final table bubble of the $5,200 Titan event, where he was eliminated in eighth place. The Brazilian ended up getting into a flush vs. flush situation with his hand and had to take a big chunk on the board as his opponent “roo_400” held the card on the river at showdown.

But Seiji doesn’t even have time to take a hit . In the next hand, a new confrontation with “roo_400”, now in a blind battle, the Brazilian went all-in for 26 from the small blind and received an almost immediate call from his opponent. It looked like Seiji’s game was coming to an end as he was dominated by his opponent.

Well, that’s what it looks like. The flop had already decided the hand in Rodrigo’s favor, but he was still able to double his stack in style: the community card completed the hand and gave the green-yellow Ace a flush, leaving him with 54 blinds The rest of the chip game earned him a huge bonus.

Rodrigo Seiji finished eighth with $10,886.

Rodrigo Seiji Suffers Bad Cold, But Recovers with...

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  • I think the text showcases Rodrigo Seiji’s impressive performance at PokerStars, including his ability to turn a tough situation into a big win. It’s great to see his resilience and skill in coming out on top despite some challenging moments.

  • This text describes an exciting and eventful day for Rodrigo Seiji at PokerStars, with dramatic wins and losses. Despite a tough elimination in one hand, Seiji quickly recovered in the next hand to secure a substantial prize of $10,886.

  • Rosendo.gutkowski

    It seems like Rodrigo Seiji had an eventful and rollercoaster Sunday at PokerStars, with highs and lows in quick succession. Ultimately, his skills and luck allowed him to finish in eighth place and win a significant cash prize.

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