SharkScope is not available for PokerOK

SharkScope no longer tracks PokerOK tournaments

Earlier this week, GGPoker players were unable to see tournament results on the popular SharkScope service. There is no particular concern about this. Most of the community believes this is a temporary measure and charts will be available to view on the service again soon.

Last night, official social media accounts reported that SharkScope, however, said that GGPoker (PokerOK in Russia) had banned the site from tracking the results of its players.

The vast majority of poker rooms allow the site to track tournament results. Some giants, such as PokerStars, simply favor allowing users to hide statistics at will.

SharkScope is a useful service for players. At the final table, it’s easy to beat an unknown opponent, and for those looking for support, it’s an important opportunity to showcase their skills.

While the resource is primarily used to assess player profitability, SharkScope is often an important tool for detecting fraud, especially collusion. Visitors are able to conduct their own research to discover groups of players that perform frequently and well in the same tournaments.

It is unclear why GGPoker banned tracking of its tournaments. A statement from SharkScope simply states that this is for the “convenience and safety” of players.

One of the more likely reasons is that the operator has its own counterpart in PokerCraft. It is user-friendly and provides a detailed breakdown of results that can be provided to potential backers. However, this service only shows total profits and a few other parameters, while SharkScope reports many other statistics.

SharkScope no longer tracks PokerOK tournaments

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  • The text discusses the temporary ban on SharkScope’s tracking of tournament results on GGPoker, with speculation about the reasons behind it. It highlights the importance of SharkScope for players in assessing profitability and detecting collusion, while also mentioning PokerCraft as a potential alternative for GGPoker’s own tracking purposes.

  • The text discusses the temporary ban of GGPoker tournament results on SharkScope and speculates on the reasons behind this decision. It highlights the importance of SharkScope as a tool for players to assess profitability, detect fraud, and showcase skills, contrasting it with GGPoker’s alternative PokerCraft, which offers a more limited breakdown of results.

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