Spaniard sousinha9 wins Wednesday night at PokerStars

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General Contest and BountyBuilderWeek events are held on Wednesdays at PokerStars.

The Room of the Red Spade hosted 10 tournaments with over €10,000 in prize money and €228,000 Price. One of them ended in Spain’s victory.

sousinha9 won the Starry Night PKO €100 (€1,860.01). The competition had 128 entries and a prize pool of €11,520.

With this win, La Roja had a total of 19 wins yesterday. Here are the Spanish winners:

The Spaniard won 4 doubles (marked with an asterisk in the list) and HU of Balance is bad for our team: 15 win 17 2nd place .

Today Regular Tournaments and Bounty Builder Week are once again in the spotlight at PokerStars. VGL, in Spanish!

Responsible Play. It is illegal for anyone under the age of 18 to play online poker.

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  • This text seems to be a summary of recent events at PokerStars, specifically highlighting the success of Spanish players in the General Contest and BountyBuilderWeek events. It also emphasizes the importance of responsible play and adherence to age restrictions for online poker.

  • This text provides information about the General Contest and BountyBuilderWeek events held at PokerStars, including the prize money and winner. It also mentions other Spanish winners and reminds readers about responsible play and the age restriction for online poker.

  • Everardo.kuhic

    It seems like a detailed summary of the poker events held at PokerStars, highlighting a victory for Spain and providing information on prize money. The mention of responsible play and age restrictions at the end is important.

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