“What Game Is This?”: Vini Pinheiro Announces QQ Fold Preflop

Vinícius Pinheiro’s hand in the final leg of the KSOP GGPoker Premium Warm-Up has attracted attention and even made the point of an in-depth article on Mundo Poker. The Rio Grande do Sul man piqued the curiosity of the crowd when he decided to fold pre-flop after some intense pre-flop action. He explained his thinking and shared other important details on “What Game Is This?”

As a casual player, Pinheiro has a successful track record of live poker and knows each opponent well enough for analysis. “Even considering the dynamics at the table, it was a very smooth fold for me. I had about 30 blinds because I was comfortable, so I decided to fold because if he jabs, I Will put him on AK, JJ, TT etc.”. But if he just calls, it looks like he’ll catch me.

Crespi’s only call, leaving about 10 blinds left Vinicius confused: “I decided to fold. I think my postflop game is a good one, I’ve been playing cash for years and my game is pretty simple. I didn’t want to lose and hit AA or KK out of the blue with eight or seven blinds left,” explained Vini, who would later make it to the final table.

Vini is used to playing face up table, and asked if the public factor would influence the decision. “Not for me, but I think it might affect some players. I feel great. The closer to the end, no matter what the game, the calmer I become, the more relaxed the game, and find the players who are not doing well. “He said.

“When I was QQ, I had to get off, I was going out. My mission is to get in the tournament and play it after the flop. Championships are about survival. I do. “I wouldn’t have won the game there with QQ. I think it was the right decision,” he concluded.

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    This text discusses Vinícius Pinheiros’ decision to fold pre-flop in a poker tournament and his reasoning behind it. Despite some intense pre-flop action, Pinheiros decided to fold in order to protect his chip stack and increase his chances of survival in the tournament. He believes his post-flop game is strong and did not want to risk losing with a strong hand if the flop did not favor him.

  • The text discusses Vinícius Pinheiro’s decision to fold pre-flop in a poker tournament and his reasoning behind it. Pinheiro believes it was a smooth fold and a smart decision given his stack size and potential outcomes. He emphasizes the importance of survival in tournaments and feels confident in his post-flop game.

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