Chances of Attending the GGPoker World Festival on Sunday

For those of you attending the GGPoker World Music Festival, there’s still plenty going on in May. Players of all skill levels will find guaranteed tournaments in the lobby this Sunday, May 28. Check out some spots:


3$ Sunday Bounty King Baby 25 $ K GTD

The Bounty King Baby is a real hit, and it’s not for nothing that grinders are swooning over it. The 3:30pm race time was excellent and well structured, providing a great opportunity to claim a bounty.

Best of all, this event is a Bounty Jackpot promotion, so you only need to clear it once to win $1,000,000.


$15 Sunday Top 125K GTD

Not everyone will be on the bounty Then go to GGPoker. The $15 buy-in is a dream come true in the traditional Sunday Hundred, as the minimum prize pool is $125,000.

Contest starts at 3:00 pm with a two hour and 50 minute late registration.


$54 Bounty Hunter Sunday Main Event $700,000 GTD

While the value of the buy has barely increased, it is guaranteed to skyrocket!

The $54 Bounty Hunter Sunday Main Event will have a prize pool of over $700,000.

To enter the tournament, you must bring your Sunday lunch early. Deals start as early as 1:30pm, but late action takes a long time and ends at 4:45pm.


$525 Hunters HR Main Event GTD1.5M

$525 Hunters HR Main Event The event is sure to bring a six-figure prize money to the champion. Clearly, buy-ins are out of reach for most poker enthusiasts, but satellites are in full swing, with registration starting as low as $26.

If you want to be in the million dollar event, you have to get up early. Shuffles and deals take place at 1:30pm, with after-sales continuing until 5:05pm.

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  • Buckridge.montana

    This text provides information on various tournaments taking place at the GGPoker World Music Festival in May, catering to players of all skill levels with different buy-ins and prize pools. It highlights the popularity of the Bounty King Baby event and the opportunity to win $1,000,000. However, the higher buy-in events may be less accessible to most players unless they participate in satellites.

  • This text provides information about the upcoming GGPoker World Music Festival and the various tournaments available in May. It highlights different buy-ins, prize pools, and starting times for players of all skill levels, making it appealing for a wide range of poker enthusiasts.

  • Baumbach.erling

    This text provides information about the upcoming GGPoker World Music Festival in May, highlighting various tournaments catering to players of different skill levels. It emphasizes specific events like the Bounty King Baby with a chance to win $1,000,000, the Sunday Top 125K GTD with a $15 buy-in, the Bounty Hunter Sunday Main Event with a prize pool of $700,000, and the $525 Hunters HR Main Event with a chance to win 1.5 million dollars.

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