He was promoted from Nike Vice President to WSOP Dealer.

He was promoted from Nike Vice President to WSOP D...

Paul Figliomeni , former VP of the famous Nike, recently forayed into the poker world with his unexpected love for dealer poker Working on the World Series of Poker (WSOP), the story deserves a new episode of Freak Friday.

Figliomeni decided to try his luck at the WSOP last year and was captivated by the atmosphere and excitement of this famous event. But instead of participating as a player, he found his true passion in the Art of the Deal. He decided to embark on a mission to become a WSOP Certified Dealer and learn all the secrets of this exciting job.

Here the curious dealer shared his story as a dealer. He noted in TikTok that he worked four days straight from Friday to Monday and was very happy with his working environment. What does he do on his day off? Playing in WSOP tournaments, of course.

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But that’s not all. The intrepid entrepreneur already won a rather unique bet last year when he wagered an incredible $85,000 that he could survive the entire WSOP 2022 series in his Tesla. He did it! On social media, a Twitter user shared the startling story, with mixed reactions.

This retailer “fig” surprised us lol. A former Nike VP (whose wife is reportedly a baseball player) decided to learn how to play poker after playing at the WSOP last year. Also won an $85,000 bet to live in his Tesla throughout the 2022 season. https://t.co/BqxJxVKu0j pic.twitter.com/OLfjLvmaD4

– Shane Schleger (@ShaneSchleger) June 7, 2023

Some netizens lamented, This man is richer than heaven to afford such a gamble. However, others have questioned the veracity of the story, arguing it may be false or exaggerated.

“I know this guy! He’s richer than God. He loves poker. He wants to find a way to get into craps. As a WSOP worker, he learned how to deal cards. It’s a strange dream, But he’s making it happen. Good for him.”

Paul Figliomeni’s story is a clear example of how a passion for poker can lead all to explore new horizons and embark on unexpected adventure. His determination to learn and experiment makes him an admirable and curious figure.

He was promoted from Nike Vice President to WSOP D...

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  • Osinski.delilah

    The text discusses Paul Figliomeni, a former VP of Nike who has transitioned into the poker world as a dealer. He has developed a love for dealer poker and has even won an $85,000 bet to live in his Tesla throughout the 2022 WSOP season. Some people question the story’s authenticity, but Figliomeni’s passion and determination are seen as admirable and curious.

  • Kiehn.laverna

    This text describes the unexpected journey of Paul Figliomeni, a former Nike VP, who developed a love for dealer poker and became a WSOP Certified Dealer. His story of exploring new horizons and pursuing his passion for poker is portrayed as admirable and inspiring.

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