Illegal poker game: Dozens arrested

Dutch police have raided an illegal gambling ring and arrested a dozen people involved in illegal poker games. During the raid, authorities seized some equally illegal weapons and drugs.

The operation was a joint effort between the police and the Dutch gambling regulator Kansspelautoriteit (KSA). Police conducted a raid just before midnight after spotting suspicious locations on Nieuwpoortkade in Amsterdam’s west district. According to locals, the operation continued overnight.

The police discovered that someone was playing an illegal poker game. Authorities arrested a total of twelve people after the meeting. They also confiscated supplies including playing cards and chips, as well as some drugs and two firearms. In addition, a large number of electronic equipment such as telephones and hard drives were confiscated. The Saudi Arabian National Security Agency stated that the sniffer dogs found many suspicious items.

According to police, investigators will Investigate arrestees to find out who owns a gun.

Poker and Illegal Gambling In a statement, the Kansspelautoriteit criticized the operation of illegal poker and gambling, warning that unlicensed activity hurts the business of companies that abide by the rules, KSA reported. Additionally, Saudis point out that black market operators and illegal gambling networks rarely offer the same guarantees of safer gaming as legitimate businesses.

In addition, illegal gambling activities and illegal drug use constitute serious violations of public order, Saudi Arabia emphasized. Additionally, illegal casinos often lead to other crimes such as distribution of illegal substances, violence, money laundering, etc. The Saudis therefore warned that authorities would continue to work together to fight crime and fraud.

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  • This text reports on a raid carried out by Dutch police on an illegal gambling ring, resulting in the arrest of a dozen individuals involved in illegal poker games. The authorities also seized illegal weapons and drugs during the operation. The Dutch gambling regulator condemned the illegal activities, highlighting the negative impact on licensed businesses and the potential for further criminal activities.

  • Geovanni.boehm

    This text reports on a police raid in the Netherlands that resulted in the arrest of individuals involved in illegal poker games, along with the seizure of illegal weapons and drugs. The Dutch gambling regulator condemned the operation, highlighting the negative impacts of unlicensed gambling activities and warning of potential links to further criminal activities.

  • Rippin.lester

    This text describes a police raid on an illegal gambling ring in the Netherlands, resulting in the arrest of twelve individuals and the seizure of weapons and drugs. The Dutch authorities, including the police and gambling regulator, are working together to crackdown on illegal activities and protect legitimate businesses in the gambling industry.

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