Mating Connectors: The Most Expensive Hands

Proper range selection is the starting point of any game, and while proper connectors look attractive, some feel they become one of the so-called garbage hands .

  • Pros like Dara O’Kearney claim that hands like 76 resonate well with casual players, but tools like Solver It has been shown that they are actually quite weak..

The Irishman Claims, The accusation of suited connectors was treated as such, thanks to the first transmission of a televised poker table.

“In the early days of the poker boom, you’d see guys like Gus Hansen or Daniel Negreanu aggressively playing these played hands and winning.” Play these hands the way you want them to play, but they’re actually pretty bad. “

Conversely, he thinks the ace suited is better and has possibility of winning high-stacked hands just because of your opponent’s mediocre hand.

“If you use Hands like A5s hit the flush and you know they’re crazy hands. If you have a 65 flush and your opponent starts putting money in the pot, you have at least a little concern. Even if you are ahead, the turn could bring the fourth card of your suit, potentially beating you. ”

In his latest column on PokerStrategy, he concludes that while they are also beautiful, proper connections are overrated. If they have been Play any position and they will be used.

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  • Toby.connelly

    The text raises the question of whether suited connectors are strong or weak hands in poker. It mentions conflicting opinions from professionals and the idea that they may be overrated. The author argues that higher ranked hands like ace suited may be more profitable.

  • This text discusses the debate around the value of playing suited connectors in poker. The author suggests that while these hands may be attractive to casual players, they are actually considered weak according to tools like Solver. They argue that ace suited hands are better and have potential to win high-stacked hands due to opponents having mediocre hands.

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