Pokerstars VR Review: PS Virtual Reality

Play poker at home like in a live casino? With modern technology, everything becomes real over time. This is now possible thanks to the development of virtual reality technology. PokerStars VR is the clear leader in this space.

Обзор Pokerstars VR:виртуальная реальность от PS


The origins of modern poker virtual reality lie with LuckyVR. Starting in 2016, they tried for two years and brought their product to market with the help of various partners.

PokerStars VR “see you” on 8th November 2018.

At the time, space ambassadors Jamie Staples and Randy Lew tried out the game at EGX 2018 in the UK. In this release, interactive tables have been created in several interiors: Macau 2050, Macau Suite, Showdown Salon, Monte Carlo Yachts, and The Void, with real players participating in the background cache.

At a later date, Starz’s Virtual Reality will be available as a free download on Steam, requiring a dedicated headset of course. At the end of 2022, the product status will be “early experience”, and more than 77% of users will like it.

On October 25, 2022, Meta Quest Pro, an updated version of the next-generation headset game, will be released. To celebrate, we’ve added casino games and the second season of the PokerStars VR Metaverse Poker Tour Series has begun.

PokerStars VR Features

Часы PokerStars VR

Control Reality Interface The main element becomes the watch. Through them, a special menu will open. You can take one of many items out of it (such as a can of beer or cigars). Additionally, they can interact with items on the table.

  1. Cards and chips behave like real cards. Choose an appropriate accompaniment.
  2. The game has free chips. Every day you can get a new game by spinning the wheel of fortune.
  3. Cash, MTT, SnG available.
  4. You can create private games.
  5. Various leaderboards run regularly.
  6. Built-in camera, convenient for live broadcasting.
  7. Russian is not supported.

The late 2022 update also enables:

System Requirements

In addition to Oculus Rift or HTC Vive virtual reality headsets:

What’s next.

So far, the question of turning virtual reality into real-money gaming has been off the table. Perhaps the biggest hurdle to its growth is the price of the helmet. For example, Meta Quest Pro starts at $1,499.

But experts say the VR market will grow to $114.5 billion by 2027, so Starz won’t lose its leadership in the space, and PokerStars VR will continue to grow anyway.

We’ll just have to wait for the breakthrough of cheaper headphones.

Interestingly, online poker has always been at the pinnacle of its technological development more like a live game (since VR is a simulation of real poker). And how virtual reality will dramatically change the game — we’ll soon find out.

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  • Satterfield.micaela

    This text discusses the development of virtual reality technology in the poker industry, specifically focusing on PokerStars VR as the leading platform. It highlights the features of the game, future updates, and the potential for virtual reality to revolutionize the gaming experience.

  • Amir.abernathy

    This text discusses the development of virtual reality technology in the context of playing poker at home, with PokerStars VR being the leader in this field. It highlights the features of the game and mentions the potential growth of the VR market, although the high cost of VR headsets remains a challenge.

  • This text discusses how virtual reality technology has allowed for a more immersive poker gaming experience at home, with PokerStars VR being a leader in the space. The potential for real-money gaming in virtual reality is still uncertain due to the high cost of VR headsets, but experts predict significant growth in the VR market in the coming years.

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