What is PPPoker’s Bomb Pot?

The largest mobile poker room was the last of its kind to add the offline option “Bomb Pot”. Also, this pre-flop betting option has many features that we will tell you about in our article

PPPoker запустили столыс Bomb Pot

Poker Bomb Pot

Often, the poker rooms themselves are the source of this format, which aims to give amateur players a “new experience” at the poker tables and is based on random mechanics. But there are also live games that go live, such as mystery bounties or Shortdesk tournaments.

Bomb Pot is one of them. The first such draw was recorded at Casino Royale in California in 2009:

More than 10 years later, this kind of pot appeared on Winning Network skins and mobile poker apps superior.

Function in PPPoker.


Classic bomb pot Is a random pot where all players bet a few BBs and start hands immediately after the flop. This is a common technique in the Hold’em game.

It was recently available on the tables of the largest poker app PPPoker, but has many features:

  1. In addition to NLH, the following games are supported: Texas Hold’em 3 -1, all variations of Omaha, 6+ and mixed games.
  2. Player does not pay blinds.
  3. Size Depending on the setting (from 1 to 30B), the pot can be fixed or random and is shown on the table before the deal starts.
  4. The size of the ante is determined by the bomb pot. To do this, multiply the size of the bomb can by the size of the table BB.

Based on our observations, PPPoker club admins are by far the most willing to create the most popular form of poker in this table room – Five Card Omaha. They don’t make the bomb canister a randomly triggered option, but a permanent one. On the table it is shown as “1/1 hand”.

In our opinion, such a setup would speed up the dispersion too much, and take away one of the main features of Bomb Pot – randomness – making it an additional mechanic into a new kind of poker. We hope that this option with random pots will be used more frequently at the table in the future.

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